Everything We Have Is On Loan From G-d

As we grew in sobriety, we underwent many changes. One of those changes involved a shift in how we viewed our place in the world. In the past, we might have taken credit for work that really wasn’t our own to impress the boss or our co workers. We found it difficult to share the spotlight with others. Probably our favorite word in the English language was “I”. We certainly used it a lot. This trait was just a reflection of our grandiosity. Our inflated egos didn’t allow for the acknowledgement of the role of others. We couldn’t understand why people became annoyed with us when we claimed all the credit. Hadn’t we done the lions share?

As we grew in humility, we used the “I” word far less frequently. We developed the capacity to share our success with others. As we grew even more, our world view changed. Beyond acknowledging others, we began to see the hand of G-d in any success which we achieved. It was only thru His grace that we moved forward in life. Nothing was truly ours. Even our possessions were merely a gift from our Higher Power. Our usage of the word “I” was replaced with a frequent “thank G-d” in our conversations.

Personal Reflection: Do I really believe that everything is on loan?

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