Forgiveness Of Others Is A Gift To Yourself

Many people when they enter the program have a laundry list of complaints against others. They are full of reasons and justifications as to why they have these grievances. Part of their work in the program is to admit to their part in the creation of this antipathy. Many a newcomer has struggled with admitting their role in the creation of bad feelings with another. What really blows their mind is when their sponsor asks them to forgive not only those who were only partially at fault; but even those people who were fully responsible for perceived mistreatment. For those newcomers who were able to take this leap of faith regarding forgiveness; something quite amazing occurred. First they found that they had the capacity to engage in forgiveness. More importantly, when they let go of that laundry list, they discovered how much psychic energy was being burnt up by resentments. As they let go of their grievances they begin to develop a new found positivity and lightness of spirit. Upon the suggestion of others from the rooms, they even began a program of forgiveness for someone who they never thought forgiveness would be possible. They began to forgive themselves for past as well as present grievances they were still holding onto.

Personal Reflection: Where in my life is forgiveness called for?

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