If You Stop Treating Yourself Poorly, It Will Become Unacceptable For Others To Do So

While we were active, we often became upset about how little respect we received from others. Wherever we turned , it seemed that people were trying to take advantage of us or disrespect us. This often ended for us badly. We would get into disputes about perceived injustices. What we failed to understand was that we created our own reality. The persona we presented to the world unfortunately attracted criticism and often argument. We engaged in actions which often triggered negative responses from others. Being loud, abusive sarcastic or argumentative led to a response in kind. People did not take us seriously when we showed up drunk or high or both. In fact, our actions acted like a magnet for certain types of people; who were just looking for someone to engage in drama with due to their own defects of character.
In sobriety, we found that as our persona changed, people’s response to us changed as well. When we acted in an adult gracious manner others often responded in kind. When people acted inappropriately towards us, we developed tools which helped us to either disengage or reframe the situation. We also began to attract people into our lives who were healthier on many levels.

Personal Reflection: How can I improve how I treat myself?

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