We’ve Got A Chair Here With Your Name On It

At the end of a meeting you will often see someone who is coming into the rooms for the first time. You can almost sense their discomfort. Perhaps a lot of what they heard at the meeting was confusing. They might have been shocked to hear people speak about their feelings so openly and honestly. Many of them are grappling with coming to terms about their own addiction. Most likely they are in denial about that addiction. You can almost see them grimace at the mention of the word addict or alcoholic.
Almost all of us can identify with this moment because at one time that newcomer was us. So how did we evolve to being actively engaged in our program? As long as we came back after that first meeting; we discovered that we had found a home in AA, NA, OA or whatever program(s) we were involved with. We usually decided to come back because we identified with something someone spoke about. Many a newcomer has said, “as I was listening to you, I felt that you were telling my story”. There is a place in the program for anyone who is struggling with addiction. All you have to do is claim your seat.

Personal Reflection: How did I recognize my seat?

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