What Step Are You On?

One of the most popular types of meetings in the program are step meetings. Newcomers are often surprised to see people with a lot of time attending these meetings. Although many of these old timers went through the steps in relatively early sobriety; they continue to work the steps on a daily basis. As they experience difficulties in their lives, they return to the first step to admit to degrees of powerlessness. This often leads into steps two and three where they turn over that life situation to their Higher Power. As they navigate thru life there are times when they owe an amends to someone. When that occurs they promptly admit it and follow up whenever possible. At the end of each day they engage in step ten; in a review of their actions. They resolve to do better the next day; while at the same asking G-d to remove their shortcomings. A daily practice of meditation to improve their conscious contact with their Higher Power is step work. Finally, living the principles of the program is a daily amplification of step twelve. In fact, anyone with good sobriety will tell you it’s because they continually work the steps.

Personal Reflection: What step am I on?

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