Clean House; Trust G-d; Do Service

Walk into any bookstore these days and you will often find an entire section devoted to 12 step programs. There are literally hundreds of books, guides and workbooks for people in recovery. All of these can be helpful; but we like to say that it’s a “simple program for complicated people”. Recovery  can be boiled down to 3 components. The first is “clean house”. This goes far beyond putting down our drug of choice. It involves taking “a fearless moral inventory”. This means we honestly and diligently admit to our defects of character and how they manifested in all of our relationships. Where necessary we also make amends to those we have harmed.
The second component in recovery is to “trust G-d”. Over time we came to realize our powerlessness over people, places and things. We filled that power vacuum with a G-d of our understanding, and turned to Him on a daily basis. We especially liked the flexibility of evolving our own concept of a Higher Power.
The final recovery component is to do service. We appreciated that recovery is a we program. Just working on our own personal transformation was not enough. We also had an obligation to help others to recover as well. Helping others helped us in ways we never expected.

Personal Reflection: Do I keep my program simple?

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