If Drinking Doesn’t Bring You To Your Knees; Sobriety Will

During a qualification, a speaker was sharing a description of the last time he had taken a drink. He had tried every known strategy familiar to man to change his ways. He had tried only drinking wine, only drinking beer, drinking at certain times and abstinence. Every strategy had failed. He always returned to his alcoholic drinking patterns. Along the way, his health and relationships had suffered greatly. He finally said, ” That’s it. I give up. I surrender. I don’t think I will ever be able to stop drinking”. At that moment he had reached his bottom. Alcohol had “brought him to his knees”. Many of us can identify with that moment because we often had a very similar experience. We had even used similar language expressing the same sentiment.
This “being brought to our knees” was repeated in sobriety as well. Through working the program we began to see and admit to the wreckage of our past. By going through the steps we were forced to confront our character defects. At first many of us tried to deny or minimize our shortcomings and grandiosity. With the help of our sponsor, other program members and our Higher Power we stripped away our denial. We were finally able to admit the truth about ourselves. Humility not alcohol,or drugs had brought us to our knees once again.

Personal Reflection: What brings me to my knees?

2 thoughts on “If Drinking Doesn’t Bring You To Your Knees; Sobriety Will

  1. This is so timely for me as I work the steps of OA. I am not brought to my knees by the wreckage of my past so much as by my inability to deal with anything. I used to have a very effective coping mechanism for any feelings and now I don’t, and I feel lost and bereft.


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