When You Do All The Talking, You Only Learn What You Already Know

Many of us were in love with the sounds of our own voice. We used to love to expound at length on all things great and small. Were you to ask us what the person we had been talking to had said, we probably wouldn’t have a clue. In fact, chances are we wouldn’t even be able to remember your name. This was just a manifestation of our inflated egos.
Once we entered the program, we began to explore “active listening”. This involved our focusing in a very deep way on what you had to say. Beyond just listening to your words, we would observe body language and tone. We would draw you out and ask for more detail to heighten our understanding. To verify if we had understood you correctly we restated your words and ascertained if our rephrasing was accurate.
Upon practicing active listening, we discovered an interesting phenomenon. In our previous life, people often exited from conversations with us at the earliest possible moment. We were self absorbed and the conversation was in actuality a monologue. Now a true conversation was taking place. As we practiced active listening, we found that many people now were attracted to speaking with us. As we listened to others we grew in many ways.

Personal Reflection: Am I an active listener?

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