Failure Isn’t Fatal, Success Isn’t Permanent

In sobriety we’ve learned to walk the middle road. It wasn’t always that way. In the past, we were practitioners of extremes. When we failed at something, we would immediately give up. We were the ones who after repeatedly falling down learning how to ski, walked down the mountain and spent the rest of the weekend in the ski lodge. When asked about it, we made up an excuse. We were too embarrassed to admit that we were less than perfect. As a result of this attitude, we missed out on a lot that life had to offer.
We often treated success in the same way in that we had unrealistic expectations. When we achieved success at something we basked in the glow of that success. Unfortunately, it was a bitter pill for us to swallow that these feelings were transitory. With the fading of the success, we often reacted with anger, resentment or depression. Just as we were finally having a good time, it was snatched away from us.
Today, our lives are much more in balance. We are open to trying new things, even when there is a steep learning curve. We are also blessed with many successes. We enjoy them for what they are, and let go when it is time to move on. For we know they will visit us again.

Personal Reflection: How do I react to failure and success?

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