Nothing Is As Busy As An Idle Rumor

The story is told about a man who lived in Europe at the turn of the last century. He constantly engaged in gossip. One day, feeling some remorse, he went to the town sage and asked how could he repent for all his hours of gossip. He was told to go home and bring back one of his goose feather pillows. Upon returning with the pillow, he was instructed to rip it open, and throw all of the feathers into the air. The gossiper complied with all of these instructions. As he threw the feathers into the air, the wind quickly carried them away. Once the pillow was empty, the sage advised him to go and gather up all the feathers. The poor fellow soon discovered that the feathers had blown all over the town. He spent the entire day looking for feathers and only found a few of them. In the evening he returned to the sage who said, “gossip is like the goose feathers. Once the words are released into the air, it is almost impossible to take them back”.
Once we gossip about someone, the damage has already been done. The best amends we can make for gossiping is to resolve not to listen to or speak it in the future.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to be more diligent about gossip?

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