If You Are In The Wrong Place; The Right Place Is Empty #2

We can look at the universe in two ways. Life can be observed as a series of random events. Even when there appears to be some sort of order, it can be chalked up to chance. The other way at looking at life is the foundation of many religions and ethical traditions. Under this view there is an order to the universe. Rather than the law of accident, there is purpose behind life occurrences. Things just don’t happen. There is a guiding force behind every life event, large and small.
Many of us in program believe that our Higher Power has a plan for each of us. That plan is constructed to provide maximum benefit to help us in actualizing our life purpose. As such, there are places at particular segments in time that are designed for us to occupy at that exact moment. When we occupy the “wrong place”, are life purpose becomes stalled. When that occurs our “right place” is empty. Our task is to find our way and discover that “right place”. When we do, there is a deep part within us that recognizes that we have arrived at an authentic stopping off point in our life journey.

Personal Reflection: Where is my next right place?

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