If You Can’t See The Bright Side Of Life; Polish The Dull Side

There are people in life that are naturally upbeat. They’re the ones who jump out of bed ready to greet a new day. Traffic jams on the way to work do not faze them. Even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, they have a smile on their face and a skip in their step. They just seem to be able to transcend the daily vicissitudesĀ of existence.
Then of course there are the rest of us. Our nature is quite different. We find those traffic jams frustrating and regret not having brought our umbrella. However, we too have the opportunity to recognize all the good that life has in store for us. The difference is that we need to take definite steps to bring us to a place of happiness and serenity. Part of this process is having on open mind about upcoming events. Rather than going to a negative place based on erroneous expectations; we would be better advised to allow life to unfold moment by moment for us. When there are frustrating detours, we need to learn about taking alternate paths. We might discover some unexpected gifts along the way.

Personal Reflection: Does anything need polishing in my life right now?

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