Character Is How We Act When We Think No One Is Watching

Part of our step work involves making amends to those we have harmed. This process involves acknowledging things that we had done wrong even when others were unaware of it. Many of us have stolen copy paper, pencils and pens from work after everyone had gone home. We might have been doing it for years and gotten away with it. Of course we had our rationalizations. We deserved this little “perk” because we hadn’t received a raise in a long time. The company was a huge one and could survive the loss of some office supplies. Didn’t the executives spend more on one lunch than a year of our pilfering? We used the same type of rationales for cheating on our taxes, lying to our spouses and going thru red lights when we knew one was around.

In sobriety, we have accepted the maxim of being honest in all of our dealings. It doesn’t make a difference if “we can get away with something”. Part of our spiritual growth is the development of character. We strive to be consistent in our behavior whether we are surrounded by a crowd of people or we are totally alone. Quite a few of us also feel that we are really never alone; for our Higher Power is always present.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to work on my character?

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