Life Begins Right Outside Your Comfort Zone

In many ways recovery is a paradox. On the one hand, we are of the opinion that you can’t force a person to walk through the doors of NA, OA , AA. or any other program of recovery. Once a person commits to the program, each works the steps at his or her own pace. Some people go thru the steps within their first year, while others take a much longer time.
On the other hand, for greater growth to take place, we often need to push thru our comfort zone. When we are stuck in our process of growth, we need to examine why this is happening. Have we paused because more work is required at that point. Or perhaps, we are “stuck” because we don’t want to leave our comfort zone. At these times we need to push thru our fears which are holding us back. This often involves a leap of faith on our parts. We can also turn to others in the program for feedback and advice. By speaking with others we find that the path we are walking has successfully been trod on by others. Finally, by turning to our Higher Power we often discover a lifting of some of our resistance to change and growth.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to step outside of my comfort zone?

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