Look For A Way In, Not For A Way Out

People in the program come in all shapes and sizes. Many of us did have certain things in common. One of those commonalities was our tendency to isolate. When the phone would ring we wouldn’t pick it up because we really didn’t want to speak to anyone. We didn’t want to burden you with our problems or we thought you just wouldn’t understand us. When a group of our friends were going out, we would make excuses or lie to avoid having to socialize. Often, we isolated to be with our drug of choice. Then we could drink or eat or use with abandon without fear of being disturbed. For those rare times where we were cajoled into going to a social gathering or a party, we couldn’t wait to leave. Nobody there really understood us anyway.
Today, life is different. We view social situations as a chance to relax or bond with others. In fact, our time spent socializing is often filled with laughter and feelings of good cheer.Sometimes we can just be there for another person and listen to them without comment or judgement. At those times we are solidifying our membership in the human race.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to be more mindful of isolating?

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