In Program There Are No Losers; Just Slow Winners

For a long time, we considered ourselves losers. We had lost friends, family and employment. We had lost the trust of those nearest to us. Often we reinforced these feelings by saying throughout the day, “I’m such a loser”. In program, we have a very different point of view. Many a newcomer has heard someone at a meeting say, “you didn’t take a drink or a drug today so you’re a winner”. At first, we might have discounted this statement. Over time we came to understand its veracity. We do not take sobriety lightly. The fact that we were able to stop using for many of us actually verged on the miraculous. For that alone we qualified as a winner. What really marked us as a winner was everything that followed that initial decision. As we began to work the steps, real changes began to be observed. We might not have even noticed these changes in ourselves because they were so gradual. However, these changes were often verified for us by people who had not seen us for a long time. They commented on how much we had changed. They confirmed that we truly were winners, albeit slow ones. And that was just fine with us.

Personal Reflection: How was I a winner today?

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