Being Humble Means Being Teachable

Prior to program, many of us prided ourselves on our quick repartee. We had an answer for every question, and an opinion on every topic. We viewed ourselves as the expert on all things and made sure people knew it. Sometimes, we would get into arguments with people who had the audacity to question our expertise.

When we entered the program we felt as if the rug had been yanked out from underneath us. We were no longer viewed as G-d’s gift to humanity. At a meeting, when someone called themselves “a garden variety drunk” we winced. We weren’t a garden variety anything. We were special. Then some kid half our age came up to us and asked if we needed a sponsor. “Who the heck does he think he is asking me that”, we exclaimed.
Over time, we saw that part of our problem was our arrogance and ego. Maybe we were just another vegetable in the garden. Maybe that kid who approached us about sponsoring us really had something to offer us. As we opened ourselves up to learning about the program and emotional sobriety, we discovered that there was much to learn and we were teachable. That’s when we found out about humility.

Personal: Reflection: Have I remained teachable?

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