Let It Begin With Me

I was recently on the subway in NYC. While waiting for a train, I saw a sign which said, “if you see something, say something”. The purpose of the sign was to counteract the tendency to assume that someone else will report a problem.

We in program apply this principle to our daily lives as well. There are so many life situations where people just sit back and assume the other person will take care of it. When there are no seats left on the train or bus and an elderly person gets on, be the person to give up their seat. If a newcomer is looking around the room feeling uncomfortable, be the first to go over and give them a hearty welcome. The possibilities are endless and the good feelings you create are endless as well.
Quite often we are at an impasse with another person. Many of us think that if only “they changed” the blockage would be removed. The reality is that very deep spiritual and emotional work takes place when we practice, “let it begin with me”. Rather than focusing on what another person needs to change to make the relationship work, we need to focus on what changes we need to make.

Personal Reflection: Does it begin with me?

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