Those Who Abandon Their Dreams Will Discourage Yours

According to scientists all of us dream at night. There are varied opinions as to why we dream. Freudians argue that the purpose of dreams is to preserve sleep while more modern theorists say that we use dreams to problem solve challenges from our waking hours. There is another category which we can call life purpose dreams. Many of us in program believe that we were sent into this world with a particular purpose. Since no two people are identical, no two people have the same life purpose dream. We believe that our Higher Power has blessed us with certain attributes and talents which can help define our reason for being here. While we were actively using, we were disconnected from how to pursue our dreams. In sobriety, upon taking stock of our strengths as well as our shortcomings, we are ready to make our dreams a reality. Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter people who for whatever reason have abandoned their own life purpose dreams. They will then do everything in their power to discourage and squash ours because they’ve given up on the possibilities of their dreams. Just smile, say “thanks for the advice”, and then full throttle ahead.

Personal Reflection: Are you actively pursuing your life purpose dream?

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