Breathe In G-d,Breathe Out Fear

On an almost daily basis we experience fear. Sometimes it can be the type of fear that immobilizes us. Our stomachs tighten, our pulse quickens and our palms get sweaty. When we encounter this type of fear, we feel that there is little we can do until it passes.Then there are other times where the fear is of a much more subtle nature. We realize that something is not right, yet we are unable to place our finger on it. In almost all cases, our fears hold us back from moving forward with our lives.
Recently, a friend from program, passed on a technique that is very effective in countering fear. Whenever you feel fearful, pause from whatever you’re doing. Take a slow deep breath in. As you do so, say to yourself, “breathe in G-d”. As we slowly exhale say, “breathe out fear”. Do a series of these inhalations and exhalations for about five minutes, or until the feelings dissipate. Many have found this technique to be highly effective. By practicing mindful breathing and filling ourselves with our Higher Power, we can let go of fear. You can use this technique with other negative feelings. Breathe out resentment, envy, impatience or whatever else you’re feeling.

Personal Refection: Make a mental note to practice this technique.

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