Count Your Blessin’s, Count Your Lessons

A number of years ago at a meeting a women was qualifying. She concluded her share by saying, “I’m either counting my blessin’s or counting my lessons”. This simple statement profoundly taps into how to live in this world. When we are “counting our blessin’s”, we are opening ourselves up to gratitude. People often walk around with a scowl on their face. They will point to problems with spouses, children, work and finances and say, “when I find a blessing I will let you know”. Were they to pause a moment, they could enumerate countless blessings including sight, hearing, mobility, freedom of choice and all the good they have in their lives.

Of course, there will be times of difficulty where things don’t go our way. At this point we need to see these roadblocks as “lessons”‘. Part of our life purpose is to figure out what insights we can gain from life’s challenges. When we do so, perhaps we won’t fall into old patterns and instead will respond in more appropriate ways. We also find that as we recognize and seek out blessings within life’s challenges, more of them become discoverable. Go figure!

Personal Refection: How have some of your lessons turned out to be blessin’s?

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