Depression Can’t Hit A Moving Target

At a meeting recently, the topic of depression came up. In any other gathering of 35-40 people a topic like depression would have been avoided. Under “regular circumstances” few people would have felt safe enough to honestly address this issue. But, a meeting is unlike any other gathering of people. Almost everyone present shared on the topic. Two things came out. The first is that almost everyone at times feels sadness and depression. For many at the meeting this was a relief. In the world outside of meetings people don’t share in a real way. A person could draw the conclusion that he or she was the only one grappling with a particular issue. Hearing person after person share about depression helped people realize that their feelings and experience were far from unique.
What also came out was that for many of us, the best thing we could when we were feeling sad or depressed was to force ourselves to move the muscles. We needed to reach into our 12 step tool kit and get busy. Prayer, meditation, making meetings, calling sponsors, sponsees and other members and doing service were all tools we could tap into. Inertia truly was the enemy.

Personal Reflection: What tools do you use to combat depression?

Note: I am not speaking of clinical depression; which requires consultation with a medical professional.

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