Make Use Of Telephone Therapy

An oft-repeated statement in 12 step rooms is that part of our disease included isolation. Some of us isolated because of pride. Others out of fear and shame. The end result however was always the same. Full of self-pity and resentment we descended further and further into the throes of our addiction.
Entering the program we were advised by our sponsor to make one or two or even three outreach calls a day to other members of our fellowship. This was definitely new territory for many of us. We asked our sponsor, “what the heck do I talk about when I make the call”? He told us that of course we could talk about something that was on our mind or even ask for suggestions regarding a problem. More importantly, the call really wasn’t just for us. By calling someone we were giving another ex isolator the opportunity to talk about something that might be bothering them. By creating a pathway for them to talk about a resentment, a hurt or a challenge, we might be saving them from resorting to their drug a choice. As we began to make outreach calls, we also were able to greatly expand our network of people in our fellowship.

Personal Reflection: Have I learned to make friends with the phone?

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