The Reason The Earth Is Curved Is So I Don’t Have To Look Too Far Down The Road

A program saying that has become almost universal is “one day at a time”. Along with many other concepts we found this particular one confusing in early sobriety. Part of our disease was that we were impulsive and had not given any thought to the consequences of each day’s actions. But now, at almost every meeting we heard someone repeating that “one day” quote. It sounded to us that you were saying we could continue our daily program of self-will run riot.
As our minds and spirits cleared, we began to awaken to what was really being said. Now, as responsible members of society, of course we needed to make plans for the future. Like others we saved monies for home purchases, went back to school to further our education and planned out family vacations. What had changed was our letting go of trying to control the future. We were able to drop all of our obsessive rumination about outcome. We would make all the necessary efforts, but the results were in the hands of our Higher Power. We didn’t need to “look too far down the road”, because ultimately we realized that we were powerless over it anyway.

Personal Reflection: Do I still think I need to look down the road?

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