If You Want To Keep Feeling How You’re Feeling, Then Keep Doing What You’re Doing

Before entering the program our days just ran one into the other. They were filled with dishonesty, fear, resentment and self loathing. We couldn’t understand why we were so unhappy. Our lives were not working for us; but we were in total denial as to the cause. Somehow there was a disconnect between our actions and how they affected our feelings. As a result, a vicious cycle was created where feelings and actions fed off of one another.

We have now come to understand that our feelings are causally related to our actions. We need to take the right actions to positively influence our feelings. Each of us has developed a daily program to keep us spiritually fit. Some common denominators include prayer, making meetings, and doing service. Others have also incorporated meditation, journaling, exercise and conscious eating. On any day that we are feeling depressed, angry, resentful, jealous or ungrateful, we focus on our actions as opposed to our feelings. We do a quick self assessment and examine which steps in our daily repertoire have we neglected as of late. We then take an action.

Personal Reflection: How are you feeling today?

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