Expect Miracles

At a meeting, one of the members was talking about miracles. Her reference point for miracles was the film, “The Ten Commandments”. Miracles for her were things like the splitting of the Red Sea or one of the plagues visited upon the Egyptians. Yes, these definitely qualified as miracles. They can’t be explained by natural or scientific laws. For those of us looking for these types of miracles in our lives, we’re probably going to be sorely disappointed.

Looking beyond this sort of happening, we can encounter miracles in our lives. Isn’t it miraculous that the obsession to use our drug of choice has been lifted. It’s pretty wondrous that we’ve been able to integrate so well back into our lives. Beyond that, we begin to see the miraculous in the ordinary. The birth of a child, the glory of a sunrise, the marvel of a beehive. The more we look for them, the more we see daily miracles. Many of us also began to encounter events great and small, which cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws. We are comfortable attributing these occurrences to our Higher Power.

Personal Reflection: How open am I to miracles?

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