Sponsors: Have One; Use One; Be One

A cornerstone of all 12 step programs is the idea of a sponsor. A sponsor is someone in the program who you can turn to discuss your upsets, weigh your options and share your secrets. The benefits of sponsorship are threefold.

Have one – When we ask someone to be our sponsor, we are making a definite statement about ourselves. It is actually a declaration of our humility. We are saying that we don’t have all the answers. It declares we are humble enough to ask others for their help and to show our vulnerability.
Use one – There are many people with a lot of sober time who still call their sponsor on an almost daily basis. We have found that even when we don’t think we have something to talk to our sponsor about; issues come out in our conversation which need to be addressed. Perhaps it’s an unresolved resentment or a decision which requires feedback. Calling also challenges our complacency.
Be one – A big part of the program is giving back. When we sponsor someone, it allows us to repay in some way what others did for us in helping to maintain our sobriety. Assisting others also helps to develop and strengthen our own program.

Personal Reflection: Do I fulfill the 3 parts of sponsorship?

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