If You Meet Three People In A Row That You Don’t Like; Take A Look At Yourself

It is so easy to find things that separate us from other people. Many of us became experts at this. Almost every person we met had something wrong with them. One person was too talkative, another was too quiet, a third was too nerdy and a fourth was too stuck up. We could go to a party and have a miserable time because we couldn’t find anyone there we could relate too.
These days we view life differently. We look for points of commonality and interest with other people. We find that when we practice active listening, we are able to build common ground with others. Nowadays, when we go to a party we can have a great time. We enjoy speaking with many different types of people and finding out more about them. The only thing that has changed is our attitude. It takes a degree of humility to be able to identify with others. When we express ourselves in an open and honest manner; people enjoy speaking with us as well. We have also noted that the better we feel about ourselves, the better we feel about others

Personal Reflection: Do I still slip into judging others?

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