First Things First

Go into any AA or NA or OA (or any fellowship for that matter) room in the world and you will see a series of small signs hanging on the wall. Invariably, one of them will say, “first things first”. Learning how to prioritize was a skill that many of us lacked prior to entering the program. Instead, we often practiced another aphorism from the program known as “self will run riot”. With some time we have come to understand what needs to be put first in our lives. More than anything else, we need to maintain our sobriety. We cannot pickup a drink or our drug of choice and hope to hold onto all of the changes we have made since entering the program. To that end, our choices need to revolve around taking actions which deepen our commitment to our sobriety. A good yardstick is to ask ourselves the question, “does this action strengthen or weaken my program? Many of us have found that certain acts have a positive affect. These include making meetings, doing service and strengthening our bond with our Higher Power. Over time, we also realized that “first things first” applied to our emotional sobriety as well.

Personal Reflection: Did you put first things first today?

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