G-d Allows U Turns

It is so easy to get stuck in life. We make a decision, and somehow feel that it is irreversible. That pathway is often the result of fear. More specifically it is about our excessive concern about the judgements of others. What will my mother, father, spouse, boss, children et. al. think if I change my mind or my direction. That’s where are our Higher Power comes in. G-d has provided us with a myriad number of choices in life. Not only do we have choices at the moment of a decision, we have choices afterwards.
When we make the wrong decision we can say that we made a mistake. I like the word “mistake”. A mistake is just that. Our take on things missed the mark. With further information or a greater sense of empowerment we can choose to go in a different direction. Some may criticize our new direction and that’s ok too. The only person that needs to walk in our shoes is us. As long as we take responsibility for our changes in flight plan, we have the right to make those changes. Our Higher Power is the one who created u turns in the first place.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to make a u turn in any area of my life?

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