Life Is Fragile, Handle With Prayer

Upon entering the program, we turned to a Higher Power, and something quite miraculous began to happen. For the first time in a long time were able to go though our days without using. In the past, people often would say, “why don’t you just put down the drink, or the drug, or the food?” Though they didn’t verbalize it, their conclusion was that we continued our negative behavior because of some moral failing. They would say privately, “if he or she really wanted to stop they would”. The fact of the matter is that almost every day we wanted to stop, but the next day found us repeating the behavior.

The only thing that had changed was that we brought G-d into the picture. We made prayer a part of our daily routine. There was comfort in having a divine conversation with our Higher Power whenever we needed it throughout the day. We learned that prayer was not only about our own needs. We prayed for people who needed heavenly assistance. We also began to prayer for people who had hurt or wronged us, because we came to realize that they were sick and suffering as well.

Personal Reflection: Is there something I need to pray on?

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