You Only Have To Go To Meetings Until You Want To Go To Meetings

A newcomer was feeling very disheartened after a few weeks in the program. He was finding it very difficult to make meetings after a hard day at work. Because he had burned some of his economic bridges, he couldn’t afford a car. He was therefore reduced to dealing with trains and buses, which were often late or overcrowded. He called his sponsor to gripe about his current situation. He asked, “Just how long am I going to have to go  to these meetings”? His sponsor told him “you only have to go to meetings, until you want to go to meetings”.

Somewhere along the line for those of us who stick with the program, a psychic change takes place. We shift from seeing meetings as an obligation to seeing them as a privilege. Part of that psychic change includes us looking forward to going to meetings. At meetings we see friends, get to share our feelings and often pick up some bit of knowledge that we can apply to our life. We invariably feel better when we walk out the door as compared to when we walked in.

Personal Reflection: Do you “want” to go to a meeting today?

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