Make Way For Everybody

At a meeting recently, the topic was “self-esteem”. The speaker at the meeting spoke about self-esteem being connected to esteem-able acts. When people think of esteem-able acts, they often have an image of significant or exceptional gestures. There are also countless smaller acts which are meritorious as well. In this case, the speaker had embarked on a program she described as “make way for everybody”. There are a thousand ways you can practice this program. When you are driving, and someone attempts to merge into your exit lane, you make room for them. As you wheel your shopping cart down the aisle in the supermarket, and stop to make your selection, you park your cart on the side so others can get through. Speaking of supermarkets; instead of rushing to the register to beat out that other person going in the same direction, you let them go first. On a deeper level, we can also “make way for everybody” by letting people complete their sentence or thought before we jump in with our opinion. By practicing this technique of making way, we can acknowledge all that we do for others and feel good about ourselves as a result.

Personal Reflection: Did you make way for others today?

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