Sanity Is A Playground For The Unimaginative

Active in our addictions we did a lot of insane things. We often endangered the lives of ourselves and others through our actions. We might have thought that we were being free-spirited or creative by some of our actions. The reality was that we were individuals who were in a lot of pain. When we thought about giving up our drug of choice, we exclaimed, “How could I live life without my little helper? Life will be dull and unexciting”.

In sobriety, we realized that when we gave up the drugs and alcohol, we didn’t need to give up the things that defined us. Being sober didn’t mean being boring. We could still sit in the first seat of the roller coaster, dance in the middle of the street when our favorite song came on, take exotic vacations or join the Polar Bear Club. We could let our imaginations fly, without the use of external substances. We found that in sobriety there were many more opportunities to tap into our imagination because our minds had become clear and sharp once again. Our brand of sanity allowed us to engage life in ways we had never even dreamed possible.

Personal Reflection: How do I creatively play?

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