Never Let Yesterday Use Up Today

There is a story told where a Rabbi asked one of his congregants to lead the prayer service on the High Holy Days. When the congregant had finished, the Rabbi came up to him and said, “welcome back”. The congregant said to to him, ” but Rabbi, you just asked me to pray, and I didn’t go anywhere”. To which the Rabbi replied, “while you were praying you were thinking about problems at work, problems with your wife and kids and problems with your friends. You certainly weren’t focusing on the prayers, so when you finished I welcomed you back”.

Many of us in program can really relate to this story. We may be present physically, but our minds our often racing at a million miles a minute. Being perfectionists, we are constantly reviewing events that have taken place in both the recent and distant past. Part of our growth is to begin to let go of the past. While not denying our past choices, we realize that usually we are not able to reverse our decisions or their results. Spending time on the past uses up precious time that could far be better spent in the present.

Personal Reflection: How much of your yesterday seeps into your today?

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