When G-d Seems Far Away, Who Moved?

As beginners we gratefully acknowledged our powerlessness and the unmanageability of our lives. For a period of time many of us experienced the “pink cloud” effect. We seemed to be in a state of flow and felt a conscience contact with G-d. Then somewhere along the way, that pink cloud lifted. Although now “sober” a lot of our old thought pathways and behavior patterns returned. We longed for that initial relationship with our Higher Power that we had experienced in early sobriety. What had happened to G-d? Why did we no longer feel His presence like we had once before? We questioned our sponsor and he probably suggested that we needed to change our thinking. In the past, whenever there was a problem, we would attempt to place blame on something or someone else. In sobriety, when we discovered something wasn’t working in our world, we needed to introspect and take a look at our part. If we were feeling distant from G-d, what could we do to reconnect. As we deepened our prayer and meditation practice, consistently journaled, made more meetings and took additional service commitments our connection to our Higher Power was renewed once again.

Personal Reflection: Does G-d seem close or far away?

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