Minds Are Like Parachutes, They Won’t Work Unless They’re Open

Many people in the program speak about their childhood and upbringing. A large number of us came from living situations that were extremely rigid and close minded. Our response to this rigidity was often the development of a rebellious nature. This often manifested itself by our engaging in anti-social behavior which included drugs and alcohol. We envisioned ourselves as “rebels without a cause”. Paradoxically, this largely reflexive response, did not include an openness of mind and spirit. We used substances to buffer our pain; but were loath to change our life situation. If anything, we found comfort in the status quo, although it had long ago stopped working for us.

In sobriety, we began the long journey of emotional and spiritual progress. When a sponsor or another member made a suggestion to us, we did not reject it out of hand. As these suggestions were applied to our lives, improvements were observed. Feeling encouraged by this, we began to be open to changes in areas that had never before been considered. Whether it was experiencing a new food, a new vacation spot, or attending our first opera; we were game. Each day was now viewed as an opportunity for further growth due to our expansive nature.

Personal Reflection: Have I checked my parachute recently?

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