We Can No Longer Be Content With Just Getting By

For a long time we sold ourselves short. Part of this was of course connected to our alcohol and drug usage. We were often physically incapable of doing many things because we continually poisoned our bodies and our minds. Positions were accepted far below our abilities because of our inability to perform more challenging work. Our needs were often neglected because we felt we were not worthy enough to warrant having them taken care of.

In sobriety, we now know that “just getting by” is no longer enough. It feels good to be working at a job which challenges us and forces us to give our best. When the possibilities of promotion arise, we pursue them. Out of the blue, we begin to hear ourselves asking for things which are important to us. Phrases like, “I’m fine” or “don’t worry about me” get replaced with an assertion of our needs. Perhaps most importantly, a belief system has developed where we feel the presence of a Higher Power. Part of that new system is a sense that there are infinite possibilities ahead. The more we are open to them, the more they manifest.

Personal Reflection: Where in my life do I need to raise my standards?

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