Remember You Are Very Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

For a long time we thought that whatever we were encountering in life was unique to us. The thoughts, the feelings, the reactions to situations were ours and ours alone. We often felt that because of our unique nature, it really didn’t pay for us to speak about whatever we were going through because no one else could really understand us. These feelings often led us to a sense of isolation. To deal with the pain of our aloneness and singularity, we often turned to substances to alleviate these feelings.

When we finally entered the program we came to understand that we were not as unique as we once thought. Listening to others share at meetings we heard our thoughts and feelings echoing through their words. On the one hand it was very comforting to know that we shared a commonality of being with others. On the other hand, it was extremely humbling to find out that we were not as rare a person as we once thought. As time passed we came to the realization that we could be “unique” while still sharing our commonality of humanity with others.

Personal Reflection: What about me is truly unique?

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