Fear Has No Power Unless I Give It Power

Many people who grew up in cities, have had little interaction with rural life. For those that have visited their country brethren, they probably discovered an interesting phenomenon. Driving along a country road at night, apart from your headlights, you are immersed in total darkness. Suddenly, you see a deer or a rabbit right in front of you. As your headlights shine directly into their eyes, you are startled to discover that the rabbit or deer is totally frozen and immobile. Even though you are headed directly towards them, they will not get out of the way. The headlights of your car have no intrinsic power over the deer or rabbit. It’s their biological make-up that causes their lack of movement.

Fear often operates in the same way. Like a set of headlights, it shines in our eyes and we become immobilized. The truth is that when we see fear for what it is, a feeling that really has no power over us, we can push through it and move forward. We are not like deer and rabbits who are biologically programmed to freeze in the headlights. We are thinking, spiritual beings, that choose how much power to give over to fear.

Personal Reflection: Have I given power to my fear recently?

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