I May Not Be Much But I’m All That I Think About

There is an interesting contradiction found in many alcoholics and addicts. We profess to being humble simple folk; modern-day working class heroes. When asked what we want to do we say, “oh, don’t worry about me, whatever you want to do is fine”. Then, when people don’t do what we want we become highly insulted by their lack of sensitivity to our needs. Even though we told them we would do anything; if they appreciated our needs, they would know what we really wanted.  We are so self-absorbed that we expect others to somehow read our minds. We often walk around with a list of grievances against others. In our view, the wrongs of others are all the more egregious because we are such good people. This begins to change as we deepen our commitment to the program and become more self-reflective. We begin to recognize some of our shortcomings. We learn that the antidote to the disease of me, is to serve others. Whether it’s listening to someone share, or going out and doing service, stepping outside of ourselves shatters grandiosity.

Personal Reflection: How do I reduce self-absorption?

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