Procrastination Is Fear In Five Syllables

Over and over in the rooms you hear people speak about their lives before they entered the program. A common theme were the plans they made to make changes in their lives. Starting tomorrow, or next week or next month big changes would be put into place. Some of us were going to start a new job, others were going to go back to school, a third was finally going to settle down. Sometimes the plans were of a humbler nature like getting up on time in the morning. Somehow, all of these goals and plans never seemed to get off the ground. In each case we procrastinated, often for months and years. Behind all,of these delays lurked fear. There was fear of making a mistake; there was fear of taking a risk. For some, there was fear of change or fear of trying something new. In every case, procrastination and fear prevented us from moving forward with our lives. Of course, we always had plausible or semi-plausible excuses to explain away our failings. As we emotionally evolved we began to shed our excuses, push through our fears and honor our aspirations.

Personal Reflection: In what ways do I still give in to procrastination?

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