D.E.T.A.C.H. (Don’t Even Try And Change Him (Her) )

You often encounter people that are not happy with their lot. Upon questioning, you find that their perennial dissatisfaction is totally focused on the behavior of others. They are wont to say, “if only that person had behaved differently then I would be so much happier”. These people are under the mistaken belief that their happiness is dependent on the actions of others. As a result they spend a lot of time attempting to control others. To their dismay they find that most people do not like to be controlled. Even when they find a compliant person, they discover that happiness is not found.

Our happiness and satisfaction in life is not dependent on others. We have learned this thru practicing the principles of the program. There is little value in expending our energy attempting to mold another’s behavior with the expectation that this will make us happy. Our time is far better spent on learning to detach from our expectations and desire for control. When we let go of our desire for control, we begin to find that things that upset us in the past now just roll off our backs. Through detachment we approach the serenity of acceptance

 Personal Reflection: What area in my life do I need to practice detachment?



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