G-d Didn’t Put Me On This Earth To Live This Way

Why were we created? We sometimes asked ourselves this question while we were active. Even then, we had occasional moments of clarity and saw that there was more to life than pursuing the next drink or drug. Living a life filled with lies and self-deception could not be the reason we were placed on this planet. We were sure that there was more to life than despair, depression and hopelessness.

In sobriety we have begun to find the answer to that most fundamental of questions. We have discovered that we can live extremely purposeful lives. Every day is an opportunity for us to work on ourselves and to become a better person. We even assess our progress at the end of each day. There are daily opportunities to do service and to help others. For the first time we discovered that the word “yes” is also a part of our vocabulary. Our connection to our Higher Power is something that we consciously strive to deepen as well. Life has begun to have deeper meaning and purpose for us. 

Personal Reflection: Why did G-d put me on this earth?

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