The Only Thing That Changed When I Moved Was That I Took A Different Subway Line

As long as we are in the throes of our addiction, surface level changes will have little or no effect. People in the program often talk about “doing a geographic”. We have the mistaken belief that by changing where we live, our lives will suddenly change for the better. What we discovered was that all the problems we had in our previous location, seem to miraculously follow us wherever we went. We still got into arguments at work and end up getting let go. Our relationships with our spouses, children and friends continue to deteriorate. Although we were in a new place, our friends and family continued to find fault with our behavior. We had hoped that the usage of our drug of choice would decline, and often found moving had exactly the opposite effect. We had never felt comfortable in our own skins, often feeling that we were like a square peg in a round hole. Being in a new location only made these feelings worse. In recovery we now understand that change needs to emanate from the inside out, and not the other way around. 

Personal Reflection: Do I still make surface changes and hope for deep results?

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