If It Walks Like Duck And Talks Like A Duck, It Must Be A Duck

We have found that sometimes it’s not easy giving up old behavior and patterns. On some level we know that we have to give up some of those old pathways; yet we desperately attempt to hold on to them. We so want to maintain our status quo, that in the face of all evidence to the contrary, we maintain that we are not following our old ways.

If it walks like a duck….Even when people point out to us that we are engaged in behavior that strongly resembles the path we used to “walk”, we vehemently deny that we are doing it. We’re walking like a duck and don’t know it.

If it talks like a duck….. In the past we had said things that were inappropriate and were offensive to others and non-productive to ourselves. We have the mistaken belief that we had somehow graduated from talking like a duck. Yet, there we were once again saying things that indicated we were still set in our old patterns.

When we went beyond our denial and finally got honest, we saw that we could finally step out of the duck suit.

Personal Reflection: Have you stepped out of your duck suit?

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