Be A Doorman, Not A Doormat

Service is definitely a cornerstone of the 12 step program. There are so many opportunities for service. You can be a greeter at meetings or take on a coffee commitment. Many of us have served as the chairperson for our home group. Part of our responsibility is also to carry the message to others. When called upon, we take outgoing speaker commitments. Sometimes we get sandbagged at a meeting and are asked to speak. Without any preparation we agree to do so. You never know how what you say can affect another member. Service often helps us to step outside of ourselves and our problems and help others. Sometimes though, the best service you can do; is to do nothing. There are some people that just want to take and take and take. In these cases, when you say “no” you are also doing service. You are serving yourself by respecting your personal barriers that you have established. You are saying, “My time is valuable and I need to allot it carefully”. You are also helping them. You are saying, “You are smart enough and strong enough to do it yourself”.

Personal Reflection: Am I more of a doorman or a doormat?

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