Coincidence is G-d’s Way Of Remaining Anonymous

In the 1930’s there was a famous cartoonist named Rube Goldberg. He created a series of cartoons which involved complicated machinery that went thru many convoluted steps to achieve a simple result. Each section of the machine affected the next section further down the line. It is oft said that art imitates life. I can think of no better example of this than a Rube Goldberg cartoon. Life is certainly a complicated piece of machinery. All of us have experienced having to go thru many seemingly random complicated steps to achieve a simple result. Prior to joining the program, that is how we viewed our lives. We did not see how events were specifically sent for our benefit or growth. At best they were merely coincidence. Over time we have come to believe that there is an order to the universe and what happens to us is part of a larger plan. Life really is like a Rube Goldberg gadget. What appeared to be a random set of events is found upon contemplation to be a systematic series of steps to bring us to a desired result. Coincidence has been replaced by Divine intervention.

Personal Reflection: How has my Higher Power intervened in my life recently?

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