I Lost The Person I Had Never Found To Begin With

Many of us came into the rooms dazed and confused. As we began to practice the principles of the program, our minds began to clear. At that point we came to realize that we barely had a clue as to who we truly were. While we were active in our addictions, we often exhibited a persona which was fueled by drugs and alcohol and other substances. Now that we were sober, we wanted to connect with who we truly were; our original self. The person we had been before we began to act out. For many of us this was a person we had “never found to begin with”. We were beyond blaming our parents, spouses, teachers, employers or friends for our situation. Our interest now was to connect with that beautiful person who had been lost so many years before. Many of us had to dig deep to reunite with that higher self. As we began to gain glimpses of that person, it helped us to move forward and connect on a deeper level to our authentic self. We had truly been found.

Personal Reflection: What parts of you still need to be found?

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