A Recovery Story

I recently heard a young women tell the following story about herself at one of my meetings:

At the time I was in my early twenties and was waiting in a hospital to go into a rehab. I was flooded with a lot of emotions and feelings. There was resentment over the fact that I had reached the point where a rehab was necessary. I had anger towards my family who were insisting on my going. There was fear about whether this time I would finally be able to stop using. A kindly man in the waiting room attempted to engage me in conversation. Feeling incredibly raw, talking to some middle aged guy was the last thing I wanted. I brusquely informed him that I wanted to be left alone. When he once again attempted to speak with me, I shouted “just leave me alone”. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small flashlight. He smiled and said to me, “this is for you”. I angrily replied, “What the hell do I need that for”? In a soft voice he said, “this is for you when you have trouble seeing the light”. On that day I began my recovery journey.

Personal Reflection: What do you do to help others see the light?

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